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3 Growth Boost
3 – Growth Boost is a liquid Humic Acid product that is an essential component of the SoilBiotics Conventional Growth System. It has multiple application timing options, and is usable in tandem with most pre-plant and starter/in-season fertilizers, nutrients, herbicides and other crop protection products. It is also used in conventional post-harvest residue digester programs.
When is 3 – Growth Boost applied?

3 – Growth Boost is applied pre-plant with weed & feed products or nitrogen. It is applied at planting in-furrow with starter fertilizer. During the growing season, 3 – Growth Boost can be foliar applied with UAN and other liquid nitrogen fertilizers, nutrients, or herbicides. 3 – Growth Boost can be applied with products of any pH factor; a physical compatibility test is recommended.  It can also be applied post-harvest for residue breakdown. This product can be applied to most soils and crops for agriculture, garden, and turf/grass.  Please see product label for additional information and instructions.
This product should be used within the growing season it was purchased. 
Benefits of using SoilBiotics 3 – Growth Boost:
  • Enhances the overall ability of the soil to retain moisture. Soil retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and leaching is reduced.
  • Soil micronutrients are made more available to the plants via enhanced chelation.
  • Long term pH is improved.
  • Improved organic matter in poor soils.
  • Applied nutrients are more easily taken up by the plant, increasing efficiency and yields.
Maximize Crop Performance with SoilBiotics 3 – Growth Boost!
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