4 - Ultra Boost

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4 Ultra Boost
4 – Ultra Boost is a liquid Humic Acid product designed for production agriculture, and is another essential component of the SoilBiotics Conventional Growth System. It is specifically optimized for quick start of all agricultural crops.
When is 4 – Ultra Boost applied?

4 – Ultra Boost is to be blended with Urea or other dry fertilizers prior to application, at a rate of 1 gallon per ton of fertilizer. It can be applied at planting and at emergence. Please see product label for additional information and instructions.
This product should be used within the growing season it was purchased.    
Benefits of using SoilBiotics 4 – Ultra Boost:
  • Provides a quick start at planting and emergence.
  • Soil micronutrients are made more available to the plants via enhanced chelation.
  • Applied nutrients are more easily taken up by the plant, increasing efficiency and yields.
Make Your Crops Star Performers with SoilBiotics 4 – Ultra Boost!
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