4r - Foliar Concentrate

Conventional and Organic Use

4r – Foliar Concentrate Is a dry micronized product that will deliver maximum concentration of Humic Acid for seeds, plants, and soils. When mixed with water and/or organic liquid inputs for soil or crops, with constant agitation, the total of Humic and Fulvic Acid analysis can be as high as 25%. A natural pH of 3.7 enables 4r - Foliar Concentrate to be safely used in agriculture.
4r – Foliar Concentrate is a product with both conventional and organic applications.  Organic certifier to review product before organic use.
When is 4r – Foliar Concentrate applied?

4r – Foliar Concentrate can be applied pre-plant for soil maintenance, at planting either in-furrow or 2 x 2 for improved stands, at emergence and during the season for vigorous growth and improved yields, and post-harvest for soil maintenance and residue digestion. Please see product label for additional information and instructions.
Benefits of using SoilBiotics 4r – Foliar Concentrate:
  • Provides a quick start at planting and emergence.
  • Soil micronutrients are made more available to the plants via enhanced chelation.
  • Applied nutrients are more easily taken up by the plant, increasing efficiency and yields.
  • Is safe to handle and does not contain any microbes or bacteria.
  • Is a non-alkali extracted product that complies with terms of the US-Japan Export Agreement.
  • Can be applied to all crops and soils.
  • Can be used in Chemigation Applications.
Make Your Crops Star Performers with SoilBiotics 4r – Foliar Concentrate!
4r Foliar Concentrate
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